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$ watch -d -n 1 'df; ls -FlAt /path'

This one-liner watches for file changes in directory /path. It uses the watch command that executes the given command periodically. The -d flag tells watch to display differences between the command calls (so you saw what files get added or removed in /path). The -n 1 flag tells it to execute the command every second.

The command to execute is df; ls -FlAt /path that is actually two commands, executed one after other. First, df outputs the filesystem disk space usage, and then ls -FlAt lists the files in /path. The -F argument to ls tells it to classify files, appending */=>@| to the filenames to indicate whether they are executables *, directories /, sockets =, doors >, symlinks @, or named pipes |. The -l argument lists all files, -A hides . and .., and -t sorts the files by time.

Special note about doors - they are Solaris thing that act like pipes, except they launch the program that is supposed to be the receiving party. A plain pipe would block until the other party opens it, but a door launches the other party itself.

Actually the output is nicer if you specify -h argument to df so it was human readable. You can also join the arguments to watch together, making them -dn1. Here is the final version:

$ watch -dn1 'df -h; ls -FlAt /path'

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