What is MooLux

MooLux is a Live USB Linux distribution based on Slackware that utilizes the KDE desktop environment. MooLux is a portable operating system that can be taken with you containing tools for Internet browsing, email, chat, multimedia, office and software for C, Python, Perl programming tasks. The latest version of Moolux is MooLux-5.4 (released 08 July 2009)

MooLux 5.4
Moolux is a Linux operating system providing wide colection of useful software with Xwindow system and KDE desktop environment. MooLux is designed to be a full system right out of the box. Moolux has all you need USB Disk 1GB. Now we know all you need is not always all you want. Linux is all about choices, right. Moolux can also easily expand using packages from Slackware or other Slackware 3rd party sites. Included in moolux Is a small collection of simple games. These are not meant to impress, they are just a taste of the real fun you can have with MooLux. Try MooLux for full time and see if you are not impressed with this. And if you find anything that needs improvement let we know. See Screenshot here.

- Based on Slackware 12.2 with kernel
- Kernel support Aufs, squashfs, Squashfs-lzma, and Bootsplash
- KDE-3.5.10
- Openoffice.org-3.1
- Kaffeine Media Player-0.8.8 with Full Codecs from Mplayer
- Firefox-3.0.11 with Flashgot, Thunderbird-, Pidgin-2.5.8 with guification
- K3B-1.0.5 Grsync-3.0.2, Gftp-2.0.18, ktorrent-2.2.7
- gparted-0.3.8, Gslapt-0.4.0
- gimp-2.4.6, qcomicbook-0.3.4,StarDict-3.0.1
- Bluefish-1.0.7,kchmviewer-3.1.2, Supertux-0.1.3
- Wlassistant-0.5.7, KDEBluetooth-1.0-Beta
- and many others……..(see packages list)

These are the minimal hardware requirements to run MooLux in with correct performance (some lower configs work, but might be slow) :
- PIV or better, Pentium or AMD are both OK.
- 512 MB of RAM
- No harddisk is required if run Live-USB.
- 1GB space to install Live Mode
- 3GB linux partition space to install Real Mode

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