Remote network restart

I guess anyone who's administered several remote boxes has had the unfortunate problem of (when not thinking straight) taking down the network card on a machine you have no physical access to. The result being that the ssh session you used to connect dies. The typical mistake is to do something like (as root):
ifconfig eth0 down; ifconfig eth0 inet; ifconfig eth0 up
The unfortunate result being that the first statement disconnects your session and hangs up the chain resulting in the network not coming back up. A nice way around this is to use the bash "disown" builtin command, ie:
(sleep 5; ifconfig eth0 inet; ifconfig eth0 up)& disown -h $! ; ifconfig eth0 down

In this case you launch a backgrounded task that is disconneced from the session (meaning the ssh session dying won't kill the process) which sleeps for 5 seconds (to give the down a chance to happen) then configures the network card as appropriate and brings it back up. As soon as this launches and is disowned, then immediately takes the network card down. If the configuration change keeps the IP address the same, you'll find that after 5 seconds your bash prompt just comes back and the session resumes.

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