How to Install Google Chrome OS

HOW TO INSTALL GOOGLE CHROME OS: Do you want to install Google's very own operating system called Chrome OS? If yes, then just follow the following (very easy) steps on installing the Chrome OS on virtual machine. But first some requirements:

* Download Google Chrome OS from here.
* Download VirtualBox from HERE, and then install it.

How to Install Google Chrome OS:
  1. Open VirtualBox, create a new virtual machine, name it, and set the Operating System to "other". Click on "Next"
  2. Set the size of base memory (RAM). I think the recommended RAM is 512 MB so I would recommend setting it that way. You can always increase the memory later if you need to.
  3. Next, create a new virtual hard disk. Make sure "Boot Hard Disk (Primary Master)" is checked.
  4. Pick the type of storage that you would want to use. I choose dynamically expanding storage.
  5. Select the size of your virtual hard disk. I recommend you use at least 2GB. Click on next and proceed by starting Google Chrome OS.
  6. After pressing the "Start" button, the "First Run Wizard" will appear to help you manage the media to use. You will have to select and add the downloaded Chrome OS ISO image of course.
  7. The installation of Chrome OS will start immediately after having selected the installation media.
  8. The Chrome OS installer is really easy to use so just go on and finished the installation.
I will be updating this post once I've tested Chrome OS on real hardware (not virtual machine) and will show you the installation process as well.

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