KDE4 in -current /testing and other Slackware news

That’s right — KDE version 4.1 is now part of Slackware -current (in the /testing directory), so for everyone who can’t wait to try it out, have a look at it! We’re all (very happily) using it here now, and it has come a long way since the first 4.x release. Congratulations to the KDE team for the fine work (and many thanks to Robby Workman and Heinz Wiesinger for all the help with build scripts and testing for the initial Slackware packaging of KDE4). Have fun!

Also, we recently commissioned Mark from Senile Felines Designs to create a unique alternate Slackware Logo, as we were getting a number of bug reports that the old logo could not be read easily while standing on one’s head. We think he did a great job with it! If you like the new logo, we are selling shirts, stickers and other products with it at the Official Slackware CafePress Store, and if the design proves to be popular we’ll likely have some of these products mass produced for the main Slackware Store. Meanwhile, you can help support the Slackware project, _and_ be the first on your block to show off the new Slackware ambigram logo!

source: http://slackware.com

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